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Joint Summer Schoolon Advanced Studies of PEFCs

This course covers research topics in the fields of hydrogen production, basic electrochemistry, thermodynamics, and kinetics as well as the design and development of the complete fuel cell systems. The goals of the course are to provide the necessary background to the students and to make them more aware of the need to work closely with colleagues from different fields such as the natural sciences and engineering departments in order to develop and implement this technology. This course is organized as the International Summer School on Advanced Studies of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell which is a co-operative project of Graz University of Technology and the Yokohama National University.

Forthcoming Summer Schoolon Advanced Studies of PEFCs

Aug. 31st to Sep. 5th, 2015, Yokohama, Japan

The registration has been closed, Thank you for your interest.
The next summer school will be held in TU Graz in 2016.

Access to the venue

Please refer a pdf file on the link below about access to the lecture room,

The lectures will be held in YNU main campus.

The building number is "N6-3" in the following map,

The lecture room is 5th floor(room 501), then please use elevator.


You can find a tentative time table by the following link.
Please note that the time table is still subject to change.

Fixed Time Table (ver. 08)


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Group Photo (2013).

Themes of the lectures:

Student poster session:

The student poster session will be held during summer school.
All participants are welcome to present a poster, and you can discuss everything about fuel cells and electrochemical systems during the poster session.

To poster presenters:
Please submit a two page abstract for the abstract book (proceedings).
The template of the abstract is here (MS word, docx),
and please send the abstracrt to fc-summer2015(at) with the registration form.
The deadline of abstract submission is same as the registration (July 15th).

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The poster session with Sushi!! (2013)

For more information

If you have any question, please feel free to contact fc-summer2015(at)

Link to TU Graz web site:

you can find a list of Lecturers:

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この授業は水素製造、電気化学の基礎、熱力学、速度論ならびに燃料電池システムの開発などを網羅する。この授業では燃料電池技術の基礎となる知識を学修するとともに、 技術開発には自然科学と工学の融合が欠かせないことを学ぶ。この合議は横浜国立大学とグラーツ工科大学の共同事業であるthe International Summer School on Advanced Studies of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cellとして運営される。


Aug. 31st to Sep. 5th, 2015. Yokohama National University, Japan